Monday, Nov. 23 (culture)

Pray for a culture of faith to pervade churches and communities. Ask God to drive out fear and suspicion. Pray that love and mercy would evident in our society. (Hebrews 11:1-12:4)

Tuesday, Nov. 24 (personal)

Pray for personal guidance. Pray through every aspect of your life — personal, family, work, community, and church. Say, “Speak to me, Lord, I’m listening!” (James 1)

Wednesday, Nov. 25 (community)

Pray for your neighbours. Prayer walk around your neighbourhood praying for each house and seeing what God highlights. (Luke 10:25-37)

Thursday, Nov. 26 (care)

Pray for those dealing with depression and anxiety, that they would have peace and a sound mind. Pray for those whose mental health may be suffering due to isolation in the coming days. (Matthew 11:25-29)

Friday, Nov. 27 (world)

Pray for a specific country for which God has given you an interest or a concern. Ask Him to show you how to pray specifically for that nation, its leaders, its people, and the church. (Revelation 21)

Saturday, Nov. 28 (church)

Pray for the children who are a part of our fellowship that they may grow to love Jesus and have a relationship with him. Pray for their parents who lead them. (Mark 9:30-37)