Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission is to reflect the power and passion of Jesus.

Simple - Authentic - Relational - Growing

We value simplicity. We try not to complicate church life or our Christian growth. As Christians, we need to have a relationship with God in which we hear him and then do what he says. We focus on two types of gatherings: our Sunday gatherings for worship, teaching and celebration and our small church gatherings throughout the week for strengthening and service.

We value authenticity. God knows what is in our hearts so we do not need to pretend or put on a show. Our gatherings are simple, honest, and at times raw. We confess our struggles or failings knowing that we will receive prayer, forgiveness, and encouragement to carry on.

We value relationships. God has placed his people together and calls them his family, his church, his body, and his temple. Our relationships are sacred and therefore we make the effort to honour one another and value unity in diversity.

We value growth. God meets us wherever we are and leads us on a journey as we learn to become more like him. As we grow to become more like Jesus, he develops our character and reveals our purpose. It is an exciting adventure!