The world is weary. In Christ, the weary world rejoices. As we intentionally carve out time to examine the common themes of Advent – hope, love, joy, peace, and light – we will be confronted with two opposing things: the weariness of the world and the joy of Jesus. We will be participating in rhythms of spiritual discipline – fasting and feasting – that help form us and shape us into people who not only rejoice, but who are formed by the grace-filled hospitality of Jesus.

The downloads include:

  • Reading guide
  • Invitation and guide for children and housemates (includes song list)
  • Fasting and feasting guide
  • Song list

Invitation for Children & Housemates

As we begin celebrating Advent 2020 at home, here are some suggestions to celebrate Advent as a together as a household.  

Reading Guide & Candle Lighting

Read the Scriptures together each day, reflecting on the weekly theme.

Fasting & Feasting Guide

Fasting, which is followed by feasting, moderates and regulates intake by delaying satisfaction and gratification, refocusing attention on God and the blessings and goodness of God. Experience different types of fasting and feasting using this guide.

Song List

These songs for Advent are selected for their role in building the narrative or exploring the theology of Advent and Christmas. The songs listed within this resource are not necessarily traditional “Christmas” songs, but carry theological and narrative weight for our Christian faith.