Dave Messing Around

Thoughts on Prayer

Prayer should not be as complicated as we often make it. The one thing that is challenging is that you are having a conversation with someone you can’t see though He is very much present.

Thoughts on Relationships

Love has to be the key word in relationships. If that is the foundation, then there will be incredible blessing flowing from and in the connections you have with the people who are part of your life.

Thoughts on Having a Heart Attack

Having a heart attack in July 2019 was a life-changing experience. 30 hours later I was home with a stent opening up a 70% blockage in my heart and a new resolve to take a bit better care of myself. So I have joined the YMCA in Saint John, NB and am moderately adjusting my eating habits so that I can prevent the next one. I consider myself blessed to have had and survived a heart attack.